A study of the impact of phonemic awareness and phonics intervention on children's reading achievement: a case study of Shadrack Kimalel Primary School- Nairobi Province, Kenya

This study investigated the performance of pupils with pre-school education in reading activities, before and after the phonemic awareness and phonics intervention, and the performance of pupils without pre-school education in reading activities before and after the phonemic awareness and phonics intervention seventy five standard one pupils participated in this study. It employed -a case study research design, and within ita quasi-expenimental research approach was adopted. The findings indicated that pupils with pre-school education performed well in both pre- and post tests. Those who ha:d no pre-school, and did -nonreeeive . intervention, had low mean scores in bothpre-'and·posttests.Those pupils who had no pre-school education but received the phonemic warenessaad.phonies intervention.performed.poorly in the pre-test, but there was a substantial .improvement in the post-test Study findings affirmed that pre-school education is very important in children reading achievement.