Play materials and pre-school children's performance in science activity in Gaturi division, Murang'a county

The study sought to find out how play materials effect pre-school children's performance in science activities in Gaturi Division, Murang'a County. The study employed the quasi experimental design. Data was collected by use of questionnaire; interview schedules and an observation schedule. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics and thereafter presented by use of statistical means. The results were subjected to statistical tests which entailed chisquare tests and two-sample t- test The study established that the pre-schools had access to valid types of play materials and they were geared towards specific skills acquisition. The relationship between the pre-school administrators and the preschool teacher in play materials provision was found to be wanting and similarly parental impact on play materials provision was minimal. The study was of the opinion that enhanced relations between pre-school teachers and the administrators would ensure better play materials provision and match the needs of the learners with the materials. Parental involvement would equally impact positively by way of extending the learning environment to the homes. This will ensure enhanced science activities in children.