Influence of educational policies on access to pre-school education in Kikuyu District Kenya

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of educational policies on access to pre-school education with regard to parents, pre-school teachers and pre-school children in Kikuyu district. The participants in this study included eight pre-schooL, seven head teachers, fourteen pre-school teachers and fourteen parents. The data was collected through the use of questionnaires and focus group discussion. The data was analyzed through tables, pie charts and graphs. The study findings reviewed that not all children attend pre-school before joining primary school. Some children are delayed at home because their parents cannot pay pre':'school fees. Others enter pre-school and drop out. Other children don't learn continually because most of the times they are at home while their parents look for fees. However, the researcher recommends that this condition could be improved if pre-school education would become free and compulsory for all children to access.