Effects of instructional materials on children's performance in Science in pre-schools in Muguga division , Kikuyu District, Kenya

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of instructional materials on children's performance in science in pre-schools in Muguga division. This research was carried to find out if there is any relationship between instructional materials and children performance in science. The objectives of this study were; to assess the adequacy of instructional materials, to determine types of instructional materials and investigate how instructional materials are utilized in pre-schools in Muguga. The data was collected using teachers questionnaire and observation schedules which were administered to seventeen pre-schools and seventeen pre-school teachers . Own made science test was given to ISO pre-school children. The researcher used survey research study design. The study findings analyzed using descriptive statistics In determine the mean. mode. frequency, and The findings calculated using tables and figures. The study findings revealed that instructional materials have a positive influence on children performance in science. The findings of this study can be applied by pre-schooI teachers so as In improve the learning of science as a subject for good performance. The results can also be used as tile basis for further research on the difficulties experienced by children in pre-School in the science subject.