Beta Co-efficient As A Measure Of Risk Of The Common Shares Listed At The Nairobi Stock Exchange

The Markowitz portfolio model (1952) derives the expected rate of return for the portfolio of assets and a measure of its expected risk. This expected risk may be divided into systematic risk (market risk) and unsystematic risk (individual risk) Market risk has been a controversial area in the financial management doctrine. This paper examines to what extent market risk as measured by relating returns of individual securities to returns of the market is a useful indicator in analyzing risk characteristics of firms quoted at the NSE.

Portfolio returns using different portfolio management styles at the Nairobi stock exchange

The Study exammes and compares portfolio mean return differentials between Active and Passive portfolio management styles/strategies at the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) from April 1996 to December 2001; and determines whether there is a management style that dominates over the other in terms of return performance. This is determined by modelling past performance of actively and passively managed portfolios over the period of study.

In silico prediction of b-cell and t-cell epitopes in plasmodium falciparum merozoite invasion proteins (eba175, rh5 and ripr)

emisinin-based combination therapy and insecticide-treated bed nets are not effective in the long term and there is a need to develop an effective malaria vaccine that will fully combat and control malaria infections. The RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine has achieved limited success, hence there is still need to identify novel malaria vaccine targets. This study predicted B-cell epitopes (BCEs) and T-cell epitopes (TCEs) in three merozoite invasion proteins i.e. Erythrocyte binding antigen-175 (EBA175), Reticulocyte binding-like homolog 5 (Rh5) and Ripr (Rh5 interacting protein).

Estimation of fertility levels in Kenya using the reverse survival techniques

In direct technique of estimating fertility levels can broadly be divided into categories. The first category used the retrospective data on the mean number olf children ever born and the births during the last year by mother age group. These data are used to yield adjusted estimates of current age specific fertility rates and the total fertility rate.

Fluoride concentration in Tilapia fish (Oreochromis leucostictus ) from Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Excessive ingestion of fluoride can cause dental and skeletal lesions and in severe circumstances adversely affect health and productivity performance of domestic animals. The objectives of this study were to investigate fluoride dietary sources, effects of fluoride on milk production, excretion of fluoride in cow milk and urine and fluoride toxicity in rats. Fluoride concentration was determined using fluoride ion specific electrode and the mean recovery percentages were: 92.4 ± 7.7 % (n=l 14).

Transport development and implications on wildlife conservation; Case study of proposed greater southern bypass (Kitengela loop)

Wildlife dispersal and migratory corridors play a critical role in the conservation of wildlife not only in Kenya but all over the world. Areas dedicated as National Parks may not be sufficient enough to cater for the varying needs of wildlife. When Nairobi National Park was established in 1946, it was immediately recognized that at approximately 117 square kilometers it was too small to meet the ecological requirements of the existing migratory wildlife species (Kristjanson et al., 2002; Gichohi, 2000) and hence the need for the study of the corridor .

Utendaji katika tamthilia za sudana na kimya kimya kimya

Utafiti huu umeongozwa na nadharia ya utendaji iliyoasisiwa na Wallace Bacon ili kubainisha ikiwa tamthilia za Sudana na Kimya Kimya Kimya zimezingatia kigezo kikuu katika matini za kidrama ambacho ni uwezo wa kuwasilishwa jukwaani au ni majibizano ya usemi tu. Katika utafiti huu tumevitathmini vipengele vinavyochochea na kufanikisha utendaji wa tamthilia kwenye jukwaa. Maelekezo ya jukwaa, mandhari, maleba, miondoko, sauti, uangazaji, kimya na mihimili ni vipengele vya utendaji ambavyo huwawezesha waigizaji kuwasilisha ujumbe wa mwandishi kwenye jukwaa.

The impact of foreign aid on the sovereignty of states: A case study of Kenya (1980 - 2005)

State Sovereignty is a concept formulated in the latter part of the 16th Century. The concept depicts the ability of a nation-state through its government, to have control over its domestic and foreign affairs. This study therefore seeks generally to examine the impact of foreign aid on the sovereignty of states. The study also sets out two other objectives namely: to find out what interests the donors seek to fulfil through the extension of foreign aid to the developing nations and to re-examine the relevance of the concept of state sovereignty in the contemporary international system.

Knowledge, attitudes and practices on climate change Adaptation by small holder farmers in Mwala constituency, Machakos County,Kenya

Climate variability and change is affecting weather patterns and this has serious repercussions on food production among smallholder farmers in Kenya. In particular, semi-arid environments such as Machakos County are extremely vulnerable to climate variability and change because their crop production systems are sensitive to and reliant on rainfall. This study was undertaken in Machakos County, and sought to determine the knowledge, attitudes and practices on climate change adaptation by smallholder farmers within Mwala Constituency.

A nested case-control study of sexual practices and risk factors for prevalent HIV-1 infection among young men in Kisumu, Kenya

Objectives To investigate sexual practices and risk factors for prevalent HIV infection among young men in Kisumu, Kenya. Goal The goal of this study was to identify behaviors associated with HIV in Kisumu to maximize the effectiveness of future prevention programs. Study Design Lifetime sexual histories were collected from a nested sample of 1337 uncircumcised participants within the context of a randomized controlled trial of male circumcision to reduce HIV incidence. Results Sixty-five men (5%) tested positive for HIV.


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