Trade Barriers And Economic Integration: A Case Study Of Kenya And Uganda

The exchange of capital, goods and services across international borders or territories is known as international trade. This study focused particularly on the bilateral trade between Kenya and Uganda and the effects that certain barriers to trade have on the countries’ economic integration. The study aimed at examining the effects of trade barriers on economy integration between Kenya and Uganda. A descriptive survey was conducted to collect detailed description of the existing status in Uganda. This was both qualitative and quantitative data collection.

An investigation into the extent to which the contractors Fulfill the construction laws at the construction sites. case study: Nairobi

This study sought to evaluate the extent to which contractors fulfill construction laws at the construction sites. This included establishing whether and to what extent do the contractors abide to the rules and regulations in the construction sites.

The influence of vegetation on the water resources of the Naro Moru catchment A Water Balance Approach

On the slope West and North of Mt. Kenya, population increase has lead to rapid land use change and increased demand for water resources. In this area, Water resources are limited and fragile. To achieve socio economic development, advisory and utilisation tools are required to guide sustainable development of water resources. As a contribution to this challenge, the influence of vegetation on the water resources of the Naro Moru river was investigated through a water balance approach.

Influence Of Information Technology (IT) On Marketing: The Case Of Commercial Banks In Kenya

Proceeding from the assumption that IT influences marketing, the study sought to determine the influence of information technology (IT) on marketing looking at all commercial banks in Kenya. Data was collected using questionnaires and it showed that IT has had some influence on commercial banks ill Kenya. However in many areas, marketers have not fully and aggressively utilized this powerful tool to do marketing. Though investment costs could be an issue, there arc relatively inexpensive IT based marketing tools like Internet and electronic mail, which are not much utilized.

Estimating Firm Book to Market Ratio Using Altman’s Z-Score Ratios: A Study of Firms at the Nairobi Stock Exchange

This study looks at the relationship between market to book ratio and risk of firms at the Nairobi Stock Exchange from. January 1996 to December 2003. The proxy for risk is Altman's Z Score ratio formulation. The assumption is that if Altman Z score discriminates between firms of different risk, i.e. bankrupt and non bankrupt firms, the same set of ratios are useful in classifying firms into high and low book to market ratios.

Determinants of foreign direct investment in sub-Saharan Africa, with inferences on Kenya

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is an important source of capital jar African countries where massive capital amounts are needed to finance development. FDI inflows into Africa have remained stable throughout the I990s, despite the increase in global volume. The African share of global FDJ inflows remained at the low level of2.3% ill 1997,1.2 % in 1998 and also 1.2% ill 1999. This paper analyses the determinants of FDJ ill Sub- Saharan Africa, in an attempt to explain the low levels of FDI in the region despite the increase in global volume.

Influence of parking on congestion of Nairobi central business area

In Nairobi central eree, traffic qenerelly flow's under congested conditions. Generally, traffic congestion has nega.tive effects on operations of town centers, Nairobi centredarea included. Commercial and business life of Nairobi central area just like any other town centre, usually requires to be served by motor traffic. Traffic congestion impedes operations and efficiency' of vehicles involved in business and commercial activity'. For example, travel time and fuel are lost while vehicles' enqines are running at stationery jam situations caused by traffic congestion.

Price earnings ratio and share performance at Nairobi stock exchange

The study set out to investigate whether there is any significant difference in returns between Low P/E Ratio stocks and High P/E Ratio stocks for companies quoted at the Nairobi stock exchange. The need for the study emanated from the apparent conflict between the contrarian community and the value line where the former argues that the Low P/E stocks consistently produce returns greater than the average stocks and the later quite the contrary, that the higher the P/E Ratio the better, hence the need for an empirical study to get the real picture from our local stocks exchange perspective.

Influence of smallholder dairy commercialization programme on milk marketing in Borabu District,Nyamira county:Kenya

Smallholder Dairy Commercialization Programme (SDCP) is a joint development programme between the Government of Kenya and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) with an emphasis on commercialization of dairy and dairy products through the Market Oriented Dairy Enterprises (MODE) approach. The programme goal is to increase the income of the poor rural households that depend substantially on production and trade of dairy products for their livelihood.

An investigations on seasonal supply patterns and pricing efficiency for slaughter cattle in Kenya with th particular reference to Kajiado And Nakuru Districts

The objective of this study Was to examine the pattern of the variation in supply of slaughter cattle, occurring differently j n pastoral and agricultural areas, and also to analyses the problem of pricing efficiency in the ~1C market for these cattle. For this purpose, Kajiado and Nakuru districts were chosen to represent the pastoral and agricultural areas .respectively. The beef cattle supply figures used in the analysis are mainly from the Prerecords from 1966-1974. In few instances figures from the LMD and County Council auctions have been used.


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