Pastoralism and Conflict Management in the Horn of Africa: A Case Study of the Borana in North Eastern Kenya

Generally, the study is about pastoralism and conflict management in the Horn of Africa using Borana of Kenya as a case study. It examines the causes and impact of resource conflicts in HoA then conflict resolution mechanisms in Borana Community and finally concluded with a tranche of recommendations to make conflict resolution mechanisms more effective.

Influence of crop management practices and organic amendments on nematodes population and diversity in banana orchards in Embu county

Bananas (Musa spp) play an important role as a source of food and income for many households in Kenya. However production of this fruit crop has not been easy due to pests and disease among other challenges. The objective of this study was to determine the diversity of parasitic nematodes in banana production under varying crop management practices, identify the main soil factors that influence nematode communities in banana production systems and assess the effect of organic amendments on nematode communities.

Capital structure choice

If it is difficult for a firm to measure impact on the value of the firm under different levels of leverage, it should not be surprising that managers are not very concerned about maintaining an exact capital structure. The judgment required to make sound financing decisions implies that managers balance the need to avoid dilution against (for example) the need to grow and maintain financial flexibility. This study sought to find out the factors that motivate management of industrial firms in Kenya in choosing their capital structure.

A survey of work trauma on post redundancy survivors in Kenyan organizations

The Kenyan businesses have been faced with strong economic factors that have forced organizations to review their cost posture and structures. Inevitably, staff reductions have had to be an option most organizations have considered, in-order to stay afloat. Statistics show organizations increasingly engaged in redundancies, but there is limited data showing how survivors of redundancies have coped with the impacts of this process. Unlike what is commonly believed, survivors of redundancies in organizations go through psychological trauma, just like the victims of change.

Effect of outsourcing decision on organizational performance in the manufacturing industry: a case of Unga group limited, Kenya

Firms have always sought ways to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors; one avenue that firms have pursued to improve their competitive position in this new business environment has been to increase the role of outsourcing in their operations, which has been found to provide a competitive advantage and heightened performance to these firms. However, Firms and Industries under the context of increasing use of outsourcing arrangements, as well as the unfamiliar complexity, are unaware of how to effectively utilize this strategy to improve their performance.

Water allocation assessment: A study of hydrological simulation on Mukurumudzi River Basin

The flow at RGS 3KD06 on 13/03/2013 was estimated at approximately 0.006 m3/s (520 m3/d), which is 53% of the lowest recorded daily flow for March (0.011.28 m3/s,  974 m3/d). The concerns regarding the low flows on the Mkurumudzi River led to the need to quantify the available water resource, assessment and formulation of a water allocation framework for the catchment. An abstraction survey was conducted along the entire length of the Mkurumudzi River. Abstraction points were identified, mapped and abstraction volumes assessed.

Determinants of profitability in public transport: a case of savings and credit cooperatives (Saccos) in Eldoret, Kenya

Profitability is the primary goal of all business ventures. Without profitability the business will not survive in the long run. So measuring current and past profitability and projecting future profitability is very important. Profitability is earned by carrying out business activities such as Transport business. Public Transport is perceived to be the most important sector of economy that provides transport services to the public. In Public Transport, profitability is realized through daily transport services offered to the general public.

Factors influencing cerebral palsy caregivers’ adherence to occupational therapy in Uasin Gishu county: a case of Moi teaching and referral hospital

Cerebral palsy is regarded as one of the leading cause of childhood disability worldwide. If poorly managed it can result in negative health outcomes, permananet disabilities increased healthcare costs. Little is known about the factors causing cerebral palsy nonadherence to occupational therapy intervention in UasinGishu County. The aim of this study was to identify factors influencing caregivers’ adherence to prescribed occupational therapy intervention in Uasin Gishu County and suggest strategies for reducing their impact.

Uchambuzi linganishi wa maudhui na majukumu ya nyimbo za harusi za Wadigo na Waswahili.

Utafiti huu unahusu uchambuzi linganishi wa maudhui na majukumu ya nyimbo za harusi za Wadigo na Waswahili. Kazi hii imegawanywa katika su ra nne. Katika sura ya kwanza tumeangazia maswala muhimu ya utafiti wetu. Tumeele zea swala la utafiti, madhumuni na nadharia tete zilizotuongoza. Aidha, sababu za utaf iti zimeelezwa pamoja na upeo na mipaka. Msingi wa nadharia wa utafiti umefafanuliwa na yali yoandikwa kuhusu mada yalijadiliwa. Mwisho, mbinu za utafiti zimebainishwa na uchanganu zi wa data umefanywa.

Effects of import substitution trade policies on kenyas industrialisation since independence

This study examines the effects of Import Substitution trade policies on Kenya’s industrialization since independence. The general objective of the study is to find out the effects that Import Substitution trade policies had on the structure of the manufacturing sector, income distribution, employment creation and the operations of multinational corporations in Kenya. The study assumes that Import Substitution trade polices as an industrialization strategy remains viable and of great importance for less developed countries. The study has utilized both primary and secondary data.


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