Gully development and control on a volcanic ash soil at Olkaria, Kenya

A study on two gullies (A and B) on a volcanic ash soil in a semi-arid area at Olkaria, in Hell's Gate National Park, was done to determine the main gully development processes, characteristics that contribute to gullying and to test low cost measures of control. Gullying was common in this study area where geothermal power development was taking place. The study on gully A included its morphometry, development processes, catchment, soil, and rainfall characteristics, and tests on various control measures.

Occurrence of bovine leptospirosis in Kenya

Bovine leptospirosis is a worldwide problem and is of economlc importance. The losses are due to abortions, stillbirths, infertility, reduced weight galns, decreased milk production and death. The disease in cattle may also be a source of infection to man. Most detailed investigations of the disease have been carried out in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America and South East Asia. Relatively little is known of Leptospira infections in African livestock. No extensive countrywide surveys have been carried out to determine the occurrence of leptospiral serovars in Kenya.

Improving service quality measurement for sustainable tax administration: the case of Kenya Revenue Authority

This study examined the quality of service provided by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Domestic Taxes Department (DTD) from the perspective of the taxpayers. The tax practitioners were selected to represent the taxpayers. The study determined the gaps between taxpayers' expectations and perceptions of service quality and it indicated the level of taxpayer satisfaction of the services offered by DTD.

Business opportunities and challenges for small and medium enterprises in waste recycling in Nairobi East sub-county

Waste management is one of the most visible urban services whose effectiveness and sustainability serves as an indicator for good local governance. Waste management therefore is a good indicator of performance of a municipality. The search for sustainable development, increased population pressure in urban areas, land limitations associated with difficulties in finding suitable sites for establishing landfills as well as decrease in raw materials compounded with challenges of waste collection and disposal, makes recycling a preferred option for solid waste management.

Pastoralism and Conflict Management in the Horn of Africa: A Case Study of the Borana in North Eastern Kenya

Generally, the study is about pastoralism and conflict management in the Horn of Africa using Borana of Kenya as a case study. It examines the causes and impact of resource conflicts in HoA then conflict resolution mechanisms in Borana Community and finally concluded with a tranche of recommendations to make conflict resolution mechanisms more effective.

Influence of crop management practices and organic amendments on nematodes population and diversity in banana orchards in Embu county

Bananas (Musa spp) play an important role as a source of food and income for many households in Kenya. However production of this fruit crop has not been easy due to pests and disease among other challenges. The objective of this study was to determine the diversity of parasitic nematodes in banana production under varying crop management practices, identify the main soil factors that influence nematode communities in banana production systems and assess the effect of organic amendments on nematode communities.

Curbing Maritime Piracy In International Waters: A Case Study Of The East African Coastline

In the 21 st century, maritime piracy has become a profitable business that threaten the lives of seafarers and coastal communities, interferes with global commercial activities that rely on the transit of goods through seaways and disrupt the aquatic environment. This study looks at curbing maritime piracy in International Waters, with the East African Coastline being the case study region.

Politics and conservation of the Mau forest in Kenya

The study set out to establish the relationship between politics and Mau Forest conservation in Kenya. An attempt has been made to justify the study both as policy and as scholarly contribution. It is useful not only to Kenyan policy makers but to the global community. It underlines the gaps both theoretically and in literature which the study is likely to fill. Literature review further emphasized the need to investigate the relationship between politics and Mau Forest conservation.

Athari za sheng katika matokeo ya mtihani wa kiswahili katika shule za msingi mtaa wa Kangemi

Utafiti huu ulihusu Athari za Sheng katika matokeo ya mtihani wa Kiswahili katika shule za msingi mtaa wa Kangemi. Kazi hii imegawanywa katika sura tano, Katika sura ya kwanza tumeangazia maswala muhimu ya utafiti wetu. Tumeelezea swala la utafiti, madhumuni na nadharia tete zilizotuongoza. Aidha, sababu za utafiti, zimeelezwa pamoja na upeo na mipaka. Mwisho, mbinu za utafiti zimebainishwa na uchanganuzi data kufanywa. Vile vile katika sura hii tumeweza kuangazia yaliyosemwa kuhusu Sheng na wataalam mbalimbali.

A Study On The Effect Of Virtual Teams On Competitive Advantage, A Case Of International Business Machines (IBM) In Airtel Africa Project

Virtual teams are quickly becoming a standard organization structure as more and more organizations globally are investing heavily in their systems, processes and people to create an environment that effectively supports virtuality. The question that remains unanswered is that despite these investments in virtual teams, has it enhanced competitive advantage. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of virtual teams on competitive advantage in an organization, with a case of IBM – Airtel Africa Project.


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